Day 01: The MoMA

An autumnal storm sweeps through New York in the morning.  We are caught right in the middle of it as we venture to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMAet).  Thankfully we have a little cover as we arrive at the museum waiting for it to open at 10.00am.  Once we are let in we basically spend the day there.  Our last trip gave us a taste for the space, and today we really wanted to take a deep dive into the exhibits.

From Roman and Greek antiquities to mid-century modern architecture by people like Frank Lloyd Wright, its all there.  Relics from the Viking days, suits of armour from Henry the Eighth’s days.  Musical instruments, which fascinate me. Harpsichords, pianos and early English instruments which remind me of some of the classic works done by The Alan Parsons Project and their affinity with ancient instruments.

We enjoy both morning tea and a late lunch as we wander around within the museum.

We even get to wander the archive halls, filled with hundreds of glass cabinets of pieces of all descriptions. We trace furniture exhibits and see how designs changed through the ages.

We end our visit by spending some time in the main atrium.  A huge space with than original 1700 American House at one end, while the space is filled with numerous artworks from across the ages and continents.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable day and we got to stay dry as the stormed passed through. We depart and head along 82nd St to 3rd Avenue to catch the subway home.  We order Ssme Jon’s Pizza for pick up and take it back home and enjoy dinner in as more storms threaten the area.

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