Day 04: The village

We spend a day walking around Greenwich Village today. We explore the area, wandering long avenues and criss-crossing streets, stopping in at sights.

We locate the first ever electrical light tuned on in Manhattan in 1882. Its locked behind a fence, but visible and still operating today. We explore a building where a number of people died in an explosion. Th quirky thing is that the building has been rebuilt, but instead of lining up with other terraces in the street, its set at around a 30 degree angle. It’s quite obvious and stands out as an architectural oddity.

We enjoy walking the tree lined streets, wandering who and how people live behind the brownstones that line the streets. Some of the houses are single dwellings, renovated inside to house a wealthy family, others have been broken into a series of small apartments. All of them are interesting in their own way. We see private courtyards, the odd garage to house a car, mostly cars are parked on the street. We see BMWs, Audis, Mercs and a host of high end SUVs. It’s a great day just walking around.

We grab an early dinner, Shake Shack. Tomorrow we are off to Woodbury Common.

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