Day 09: Detached 4 – Recovery

Today we learn how successful the surgery was. We make the trip to Dr Nissen‘s rooms. A trip we are becoming very familiar with. We say hello to the staff, people who have been so caring and supportive over the last couple of days.

We are ushered in to see Dr Nissen. He says that everything went well yesterday and today will determine how well.

He slowly removes my patch, asking me to keep my eye closed.  Its been in pitch black for 24 hours, so let’s ease in.

He then asks me to open my eye.

Ever so slowly I start to open my eye.  Its hard, its covered in crackle.  I wipe it away with a tissue.  Finally, my eyelids begin to part. I turn to Mardi sensing her looking at me.

My eye fully open now begins to adjust to the light.

A broad smile appears on my face as I see my darling wife’s face for the first time in a few days. She’s blurry, but she is there and I cant see any oil smudge in my eye.

Dr Nissen then prods and pokes around. Scans my eye and turns to talk to me.

“There’ll be some scar tissue and some deterioration of sight as the tear was so bad, but the retina is holding strong. Over time it’ll improve, how much we don’t know. But for now you’re good to go, see me in a week.”

And with that we are released from three days neither of us was prepared for. Having said that though, Mardi took everything in her stride, as if she’d done this all before. A blog entry can’t express how much I love her and how much her calm presence aided in the success of my surgery.

As we leave Dr Nissen’s office, it is as if we’ve been let of the leash. We head to Central Park. Calmly, walking with my head down, but with a zip in our step that maybe the worst is over and good things are ahead.

We enjoy a pleasant afternoon wandering slowly around. We sit at varying times, taking it easy and chatting. I’ve got a mega pair of sunglasses on, almost making me look body guard like. We venture into a store after we leave the park as Mardi looks at some cosmetics. I stand near her, and joke with the staff she’s a movie star and I’m her body guard. It’s a good feeling to joke again.

After our walk and some shopping we head home.  We spend a night in. Wandering at night is going to be hard, so we decide to take it easy.

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