Day 23: Dinosaurs

We headed downtown early and had breakfast at Balthazar. We’d been wanting to eat here for a few years, but have never been able to secure a table. 

After the long wait we weren’t too impressed. 

It’s an incredibly busy restaurant and the food was fine, but nothing fancy. We enjoyed it and sat for a while crowd watching and spying balloons and playing cards stuck to the ceiling. 

After breakfast Mardi made a couple of stops at Sephora to finalise her cosmetic needs. Thats nine in total. I played packing horse. 

We then headed up to the Natural History Museum, or as Mardi calls it the dead zoo. 

I love walking the dinosaur halls and tracing the evolution of life from 400 million years ago. From the primordial tar pit to today, it’s a great exhibition. T-rex, a velociraptor, stegosaur, mammoth, mastodon and so much more. Giant turtles, sabre tooth tigers, the first cats and dogs, primates dodo birds. Just fascinating. 

We also bought tickets and saw a great white shark documentary on the imax screen. I just love great white sharks and we need to do more to save them. The documentary was a fantastic insight into current research into saving great whites and how these magnificent fish live. 

After our zoo visit we caught the subway almost home and walked home down Broadway, a walk we haven’t done in the past. 

It was a long day so we had a night in. 

I’ve also discovered a live stream of the cricket from Australia through some guys illegal feed from India. It’s a bit dodgy, but I have been able to keep up with the test natch. 

The snow has gone and we are looking forward to some sunny weather.

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