Day 28: Last full day

After 30 nights in the big apple we took it pretty easy today. 

We visited the fashion institute, Mardi was keen to see an exhibition called “Faking It”. An interesting exhibit showing the comparisons between designer labels and the rip offs. Pretty interesting. 

After this we visited Bosie again. Some times the best things come in threes, and our third visit this trip wasn’t any different. Just a great place to sit, enjoy a great cup of tea and full tea service with sandwiches, cake, macarons and scones. We sat for ages reflecting on our trip. 

We also created a little time capsule and hid it in a book on the book shelf. I wonder if it will be there next time we visit. 

After tea we slowly made our way home and started the big job of packing. You accumulate a lot in four weeks. 

Shake shack for dinner,

I walked the block to grab it in the rain. Our favorite burger place. Simple, tasty and quick. 

The rain fell slow on me and the passers by. It was a great 20 minutes enjoying Times Square and it’s madness for the last time, the crowds, the tourists, the weird, wild and wonderful place known as the cross roads of the universe. I stood in the rain for a few minutes. I saw Mickey Mouse, cabs playing jingles bells with their horns, Jewish kids singing (it’s Hanukah), news crews interviewing protestors, kids marveling at the lights of Toys R Us, dazed tourists lost in the headlights, locals with their heads down beating a path home. Just a melting pot of the human race.

Thanks NYC, stay well until next time.

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