Day 05: Lazy Sunday

After a few busy days we took it a little easier on Sunday. We slept in Nd had a lazy breakfast in our room. I caught up on my blog, reviewed photos I’d taken and Mardi checked our plans for the coming week, did some reading and cataloging (cosmetics). 

As the sun was shining and the weather warmed we went for a walk down Fifth Avenue to do dome Sunday afternoon window shopping.

We walked from 44th to 34th streets. We had lunch at Herald Square and watched the busy afternoon crowds from our elated window, which had some tiny pumpkins in it. Check out the photos. 

We walked after lunch and as always I gazed in amazement at the massive buildings, including the Empire State and Chrysler buildings. 

We walked slowly back to our room passing all the high end shops along Fifth Avenue – Gucci, Chanel, Zegna, Rolex, De Beers, Tiffany, Armani, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors. 

We grabbed a hot chocolate on our street and headed home. 

We had dinner in and an early night. Tomorrow we were off to the eye doctor for a check up. I had laser surgery before we left for NYC. The visit to Dr Nissen is a planned routine visit, so fingers crossed there are no issues.

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