Day 18: A lazy Saturday

After a massive week, two visits to the eye doctor, four nights out, a play, concert and musical and two three hour tours, Saturday was going to be lazy. 

We slept in and eventually dragged ourselves out to lunch at around 1pm. Burgers were the order of the day. We went to five napkin burgers on 86th street. An up market burger joint. As usual, yum. Plus a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake to end. 

We sat for a while and then headed up to Central Park. 

It was getting cool and Mardi wanted to do some shopping, so we parted ways as I was keen to take some photos. 

For the next couple of hours I walked about 5kms through the park, including a full lap of the Jackie Onassis reservoir. A massive body of water in the upper centre of the park. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 

After my walk I caught the subway home and we had dinner in.


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