Day 24: Black Friday

We planned on doing some shopping today. Black Friday in the USA signifies the start of the holiday and sales season. Massive discounts just about everywhere. 

We headed to the flatiron district to avoid the midtown crowds. 

Great move. 

The area was relatively quiet and we made good progress through a number of stores, most with 50% off everything. We scored a few small items before heading to Madison Square Park for lunch at shake shack. The queue when we arrived had about ten people on it. An hour later when we left the queue was 100 metres long and stretched almost out of the park. 

After lunch we headed further down town and walked past the union square markets again, I couldn’t resist some yummy freshly roasted cashews either chilli and lime. Yum. Yum. 

We walked further don town through Greenwich to Nars so Mardi could get some makeup sorted. I sat in the park across the road and watched the families enjoy a lazy Friday in the playground. A number of passers by sat at my table and we chatted briefly. 

When Mardi finished we walked past Bosie and contemplated another visit but it was pretty busy, so we decided not to. We headed home and decided to have a night in. We’ve been on the go for a while now and we’re pretty tired. When we got home we both fly promptly sleeps for an evening snooze. We had dinner in and took it easy. 

This weekend we are catching up with Bob again and doing a few last things before heading home next week.

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