Day 06: A bike. A cruise. A truck. A gutter.

An eclectic day was our Monday. 

We were up early, we had a few things planned. 

Mardi had a Pilates session, I wanted to do some time lapse filming, go to the gym, take some photos and we had a cruise and some mail to sort out. Plus we needed some top ups on our room supplies. 

So we headed out separately. 

Mardi’s Pilates class happened with no hiccups. 

My gym session was similar, but then I decided to go out to shoot some time lapse video. Check it out, I’ve uploaded it.

Walking Tims Square

During the walk a bike ran into me. I was calmly walking time Square and this dude on a bike was tearing through Times Square, I didn’t see him until it was too late and he hit me. Ouch. No video sorry, it happened quickly and we both untangled ourselves quickly and went on our way. 

A little while later I crossed the road, 8th avenue and 44th. I thought the lights were in my favour and I looked the correct way, but I mustn’t have. 

A loud honk and squeal of the breaks as a garbage truck pulled up about four feet from me. Oh dear. A heart in the mouth moment. I finished crossing the road and waved at the driver. I’m sure his heart was in his mouth as well. 

I pressed on, a little shaken but no deterred from exploring. I popped into a gift shop and got a couple of gifts for friends back home. 

I took some more photos, mainly some of my favourite buildings. The library, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler building, The Rockefeller Centre. Magnificent. 

I made my way home, sticking to the crossings and walking with the crowds. 

Mardi arrived home and we headed out to Grand Central Terminal to pick up some supplies. Some beautiful truffled cheese, granola, bread and milk. 

We enjoyed pizza in the food court Urban Space next to the terminal and then a cup cake from .Magnolia a Bakery inside the terminal. We wandered back to the hotel, popping into the odd shop here and there and arrived home leaving a little time for a rest before our evening cruise. 

We headed out to our cruise. The main reason was to take in the super moon. On our way out we dropped some packages off at reception, returned items Mardi had got from Amazon which didn’t fit. 

We walked across the island down 44th street to pier 83. About a 20 minute walk. We arrived at the pier and boarded the boat. Sadly about 3pm the cloud cover had increased. We hadn’t see a cloud since we’d arrived a week ago, so it was a little disappointing. But the cruise was fun anyway. We cruised up and down the Hudson and east rivers. Seeing manhattan by night. An amazing sight. In all about two hours of cruising which also included a visit to Lady Liberty. 

We arrived back a little after 9pm and stopped off at Five Napkin Burgers for a quick bite to eat. A nice burger. After dinner we wanted a hot chocolate so walked into Times Square to go to Starbucks. We crossed the road in a different place tonight, damn big gutter got me and I ended up on my hands and knees. Ouch number three for the day. 

We then walked home and rested. My Fitbit tells me more then 25 000 steps. A big day. Now if only I had some photos to share. After the bike, truck and gutter I thought my bad luck was over for the day. Sadly not. Instead of tapping import I tapped delete. In an instant every photo from our cruise was gone. Damn.

Luckily some quick work, Mardi and her MacBook, some recovery software and I got most photos back. Phew.

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