Day 02: Wet to the core

Last night we checked the weather forecast. 26 and sunny. We woke this morning to 16 and pouring rain. Something somewhere went wrong. Nonetheless we had made plans for visiting Ueno Park and the variety of cultural attractions.

We enjoyed breakfast in the lounge and afterwards made our way to Shinjuku station. We were looking for platform 15 and thinking we were in for a long search found it in five minutes and jumped on a train almost straight away. By the time we’d arrived 35 minutes later the rain had really set in. We made the five minute walk to out first experience, the national museum. 

We explored the multitude of rooms and exhibits. From ancient samurai warriors with their armor and arms. Swords, bow snd arrow and the like to fine China, figurines, dress and tea ware. All very fascinating. After a few hours we ventured to the science museum and got lost in this maze of old and new buildings. Battling the throng of kids didn’t make it easy. But we eventually found some exhibits, dinosaurs, the history of life on earth etc. 

After the museum we ventured to the Toshogu Shrine. An ancient shrine and took part in the worship ceremony of a free kind and open heart. 

Afterwards we walked back through the soaking rain and tracked down a train back to Shinjuku. 

At Shinjuku we grabbed a quick snack and walked to the hotel and enjoyed a couple of hours in the lounge. 

After a rest we v natured out shain. The rain was easing and we decided to visit Harajuku. This chic shopping destination boasted all the usual mega stores, Gap, Guess, H and M. But we gave them a miss and walked the tiny streets and looked in the myriad stores offering a variety of the weird and wonderful things. This part of town is also known for the Harajuku girls. Young women who dress up in largely pink cute outfits. We saw a few, in groups of six to eight walking chatting in high pitched voices as they moved from store to store. 

We didn’t buy much, a few gifts for family and friends as we wandered for a couple of hours. As the crowds thinned and the shops began to close we headed for home. A quick trip, two stations and we were back. 

During our travels we spotted a pet store and popped in to check it out. Oh dear god. Puppies and kittens like you’ve never seen. One kitten was going for over $5000 Aussie. Amazing prices. 

The rain had stopped and we made the walk back to our hotel hoping for a clear day tomorrow. We are off to Mount Fuji and a ride on a bullet train.

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