Day 10: Mormon, Grand Central and rain

The rain fell slow and long all night. We were planning asleep in, but the hotel fire alarm went off just after 7.00am. We both jumped out of bed, hoping we wouldn’t get evacuated. It was wet, windy and cold. We read the instructions on our door and sat tight as instructed. A few minutes later the alarm stopped and all we could hear was the falling rain. Back to bed.

A little later we arranged to meet Robert for lunch. It was just too wet to do anything this morning. We headed out just after 12.00noon and walked to 50th St to an Italian place. We picked this location as it was next door to a theatre we were going to a little later.

The restaurant, Da Marino, was Italian in every sense and also very Times Square and very theatre district. Mardi and I were seated in chairs, we’ll thrones would better describe them. The walls were adorned with photos of the so called rich and famous who had dined here and intermingled with traditional Italian décor, including strings of garlic.

Despite the mediocre service, the meals were quite tasty and filling. Lots of pasta, meatballs, lobster and cheese.

After lunch, we made our way to the Eugene O’Neil theatre for The Book of Mormon. It’s been running for years now, it opened in 2011:

We’ve seen it before, but for Robert it was a new and hilarious experience. Robert is a South Park fan so the style of humour resonated with him, as it did with us. If you like irreverent humour and aren’t too sensitive go see it.

After the show we caught the subway to 42nd St, then the shuttle to Grand Central. We wandered around the vast tunnels underneath the terminal, before visiting the cavernous main concourse. It’s a glorious internal space. Robert explored the area and we showed him around: the clock, the oyster bar, whispering gallery and magnificent ceiling inside the concourse.

We then ventured outside for dinner. Some quick pizza.

We then walked around the outside and showed Robert the beautiful edifice and the Chrysler building, which is great at night with its recognisable and unique lighting array. Despite the wind and rain, another great day out.

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