Day 12: SoHo and delightful Bosie

We started our day with a walk down town and towards Third Ave. Mardi found a shop to check out some clothes off the beaten track. While she was looking I wandered the area. 34th and 35th Sts are busy as they feed traffic to the FDR Drive and Queens tunnels. 1st and 2nd Ave are also main thoroughfares north and south.

When Mardi has finished we head down to Fulton St, I left my cane in a coffee shop yesterday. We collect my cane and head over to SoHo. A chic shopping district with gorgeous architecture and buildings from a different time. We walk Broadway and wander Spring St, Broom St, Prince St and Mercer St. piping into shop buying some gifts (Kelli = tea, Kathryn = cats, Maarit = notebook, and a few other surprises along the way).

The sun shines down on us as we meander our way across the cobble stoned hundred year old streets. We discard our coats as the beautiful autumn day continues. We stop and grab a hot dog for lunch and continue walking. Sale signs adorn the windows promising Black Friday savings before Black Friday. We visit Guess, Space and K, Bloomingdales, Lululemon, Untuckit among others.

After a few hours we walk north away from SoHo towards our favourite place, Bosie.

We sit and rest for almost two hours while we soak up the atmosphere and of course enjoy tea, sandwiches, scones, macaroons and cookies. Jessica and Ben, two of the wonderful folks who make Bosie so cool, chat to us as we catch up.

We finally drag ourselves away and head home.

After a quick break, we wander up to the Bryant St Christmas Market. It’s a perfect night to walk around, it’s almost balmy after the warm day. We wander the marquees: jewellery, clothing, leather goods, Christmas declarations, quirky gifts and assorted Knick-knacks are all on offer. We pick up a few more gifts and some candles.

For dinner, we eat in. We enjoy some of the fare we bought while on the Brooklyn food tour. Crusty bread, salmon, cream cheese, cheese. We then order late night Ben and Jerry’s, delivered to our room.

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