Day 18: So so sick

Mardi had a horrible night. This cold has really taken hold and knocked her around. We cancel our evening tour and decide to stay in. The storm/snow front from yesterday has worsened and snow is forecast for most of the day. The temperature is around -5C.

Around lunch time I decide to head out to stretch my legs. The snow flurries are frequent and heavy and the streets are relatively quiet. I venture up to 59th and get a Christmas present for Mardi from Bergdorf Goodman. I then head across to Madison and pop into the Breitling boutique.  I check out the new watches and chat to the staff. It’s warm and cozy in the store.

I then walk back down Madison and across to 6th using 47th.  Commonly called Diamond Jewellery Way, 47th between 5th and 6th in lined with diamond and watch stores. So competitive is the quest for business, sellers stand out of the front of their stores willing people inside, much like restaurants in Melbourne or night clubs in Kings Cross in Sydney. I peer in a few windows and get offered “the best diamonds at unbelievable prices” four times. I pass on the offers and keep moving.

Arriving home, I check in on Mardi. She hasn’t improved. I sit and thaw out for a while.

We have some chores to run, some returns to Amazon, some granola to buy, so I head out again. It is still snowing as I walk down 44th towards Grand Central.

I stop in at the Algonquin Hotel. It’s on 44th between 6th and 5th.  I want to see if a Hamlet is there. Hamlet is the resident cat. He’s there, sound asleep in the warmth of the front window. If you tip the door staff they’ll let you pat him if he’s awake.

I cross 5th, Madison and Lexington as I navigate around a Grand Central. I then head up Lexington to 43rd and find the UPS store. It’s tucked away so not easy to find, but I eventually find it. I organise the returns, then into the market place at Grand Central. I pick up some granola, a couple of treats and then head back home.  I walk around the back of Grand Central down 45th. We order some home style Italian for dinner as Mardi continues to rest and recover.

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