Day 22: Back on track

Moving day again. We get up pack and play the moving game again. Our second new room isn’t ready, so we head out. Mardi is still heavily congested so we plan another easy day. We head up to Bloomingdales. The windows of Bloomingdales are adorned with a whacko Christmas space theme.

We both need new NYC gloves and we have a gift voucher to use. We venture in and wander around the busy department store. We pass salespeople offering fragrances and assorted beauty products. We eventually make it through to the accessory area. New gloves procured we head downtown to Astor place for a walk in the NoHo area and Washington Square Park.

En-route to the park we pass another just in time Christmas tree seller. Over the last week we’ve seen a number of these sellers pop up. Rack upon rack of real Christmas trees adorn numerous street corners. Each one equipped with an automatic wrapper.  You pick your tree, it gets wrapped in mesh and you drag it back to you apartment. These sellers are literally everywhere.

We arrive in Washington Square Park and find a sunny spot for Mardi to sit. I wander the area and take some photos. The Park is a central area students meet with a number of NYU campuses nearby.

We head off to 5th Avenue. This is where 5th starts and we find a nice French restaurant for luncheon. We sit in the warm and nice surroundings before heading off again.

We walk up 5th Avenue and zig zag our way across 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Streets between 5th and 6th. On our travels we see a fire engine emerge from its station and speed down the street, find the oldest manhole cover in NYC and peer into a private courtyard. We also see a triangular piece of real estate owned by The Hess estate the size of a dinner plate. For more info:

We head home for a break and take it easy for a while.

Later that night we head out to toloache, a quick 6 block walk,  our go to Mexican restaurant. Dips, tacos and some delicious ceviche. Check out the options, yum.

After dinner, we head up to the Rockefeller Centre and see the lit tree. It’s almost midnight and the area is packed. We spend a few minutes looking around before calling it a night and walking home.

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