PinkLink's Pink Floyd

Shine On…

At 14 years of age my brother brought home The Wall on cassette tape. I listened and was transfixed. Since that time in 1979 I have, let's say, developed a healthy obsession. I have been lucky enough to see Pink Floyd in concert three times and Roger Waters in concert seven times. This site is dedicated to my experiences as well as offering some useful and interesting Pink Floyd links.

So stay a while, look around and lets see what we can find.

You'll find some concert photos, some of my quirky collectibles and a list of shows that have made their way into my collection.

My favourite Pink Floyd track - Echoes.

Oh and the photo in the background is Roger Waters performing The Wall live in Sydney, 14 February 2012, i took it, as i did with all photos on this site. Enjoy. The one on the left is from Pink Floyd, Sydney, 31 January 1988, yep I took that as well.