Day 10 – 23 September 2020

We met with the electrician this morning.  Winter has returned to Canberra as a cold southerly blew as we walked around working out where lights, switches and power points would go. Spaghetti junction above our heads bared witness to 50 years of electrical decisions. A mixture of original cabling, coupled with works we had done in 2002 and 2006.

The tangle of wires we call Spaghetti Junction

John, our electrician, suggested we simply rip it all out and start again. With no walls or ceilings to contend with, it’s a much easier job than chasing wires through the tangled mess that is there now.

Three hours later we leave John to his work.

Throughout the day John goes about his business. First he removes old spaghetti junction, then he starts the task of adding new wiring for all of the new lights, power points and switches. In all we are installing or reconfiguring  37 lights and associated switches and 14 power points. A mixture of traditional lights and switches and some smart switches.

John starts to feed the first of what will be several hundreds of metres of cabling.

The result will be pretty much new cabling throughout the house, a lot safer, and new and simpler layout of our existing lights, complimented with our new lights.  It’s a few days work for John.

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