Day 4 – 15 September 2020

It was a quiet date on site yesterday. Chris was meeting with allied trades to continue the works, first an insulation company to upgrade and improve some of our insulation and then the engineer to finalise the engineering needs.

The insulators are here and gone within twenty minutes.  The engineer spends a couple of hours working out exactly what needs doing. In the process we lose part of a cupboard, a new steel beam will take its place. 

Mardi and I then spend some time with Chris going over the plans and some choices we need to make. This is where decision fatigue starts to set in. There are a host of choices to make. Some are binary choices, some linear and some just take you down a rabbit hole.

Decisions made, Chris heads off to buy the necessary materials for the engineering works, which start tomorrow. After Chris leaves, Mardi is in need of some cat companionship so she brings Tommy into the office. Tommy isn’t as keen as Mardi is though. Sadly for Mardi Tommy escapes and disappears under the house for the afternoon. Luckily we re-capture him at around 6.00pm.

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