Day 57 to 61 – 30 November to 4 December 2020

The week the lights finally came on! A massive week of activity this week in preparation for the final floor sanding exercise in a week’s time, then we are done.

Our kitchen took shape, appliances were installed and the electrician did the electrical fit off alongside the plumber who did the plumbing fit off. In and around these two trades, the usual team of carpenters did everything else that needed doing.

Fitting doors and shelves, making fine adjustments so everything swings, opens and closes just as it should. Installing the appliances was a major feat, with everything being integrated alignment was key. But in the end everything fitted together perfectly.

As we walk around we notice little features have been finished off here and there. From the slim line magnets that hold our linen and office cupboards closed, to low profile door catches and door stops. The use of slimline feature powerpoint in the areas you can see is also a nice finish.

Chris’s attention to detail is faultless. His exacting standards have ensured every aspect fo the build is perfectly finished and aligned. It is joy to see the finished product and it has been a joy working with Chris and his team.

As Frida rolls around the once cluttered living spaces are being cleared and cleaned. The plethora of tools, building materials, off cuts and packaging materials are being packed around into bins and four wheel drives out the front, five of them today.

At around 4pm work stops and the beers flow.  Mardi and I bought a hamper for the team and there was no better time than now to open it and take a few minutes to see what has been created. We all crack a drink and take in the last eleven weeks.

Mardi and I thank the team. As difficult as it has been for us living in a tiny part of our house, these guys have done the hard yards. Always considerate, always respectful. Add into the mix our seven cats and dog that needed constant supervision and separation from the area. We could not have hoped for a smoother experience. We stand around chatting for about 20 minutes as the John the electrician finishes his work and finally the lights come on. We have a beautiful combination of feature, ambient and task lighting. This is an area I have focused on, given my poor vision, it was critical we got this right. John has nailed it. The pantry is bathed in light when the lights come in.  The cooktop area has a combination of direct task lighting for cooking and ambient lighting for effect.  He island bench has a gorgeous feature light that perfectly lights the bench for work and doubles as a stunning. piece of art.

We’ve installed a quirky feature as well for our cats, a cat door into the pantry. They used to love coming through the large windows in this part of the house, so we’ve created a similar space for them.

As John wraps up there is one job to complete, installation of ceiling speakers. He is keen to call it a day, but after looking at the installation instructions, jumps on his ladder and three minutes later both are installed. A pair of Sonance Sonos speakers are both invisible and produce room filling sound.

I connect them to our system and within minutes the kitchen, living room and dining room are filled with sound.  Mardi and I sit back for a bit, enjoy a drink and listen to some music as we wind down for the weekend.

All that is left to be done after the floors ae polished is to hang some doors and install the splashback in the pantry.

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