Weekend four – 3, 4 and 5 October 2020

A long weekend in Canberra, footy finals are into full swing and we enjoy a couple of nice meals with friends away from the construction zone.

With builders not on site for a few days, we are at a limbo stage. All of the pre work has been done, we are now waiting on floors, walls, insulation and final electrical.  That is all for next week, when we start to hit high gear and the build really kicks in.

We also note while they are not on site how our animals almost return to normal. It is easy to forget the impact on them. Their routine is out of whack, their usual sleeping zones, eating zones are all changing and the time they get to sleep, eat and do dog and cat things also changes.

Dahlia the dog inspecting the works

The cats quickly depart the scene when they hear a builder’s car arrive.  Their library sanctuary, whilst not part of the construction zone just yet, is close enough to make them all want to escape to the cat runs outside. They reappear around 5.00pm after the house has gone quiet. They then cuddle up with us, on alert, in case noises start to re-emerge from the construction zone.

Dahlia, our 11 year old pit bull terrier, is also out of sorts. She is a special dog with special needs. If her routine is interrupted, she get a little distressed. Her routine has been thrown out the window. One day she is in with us, in our makeshift office, the next she is outside as builders bang and crash around us. Her bed gets moved around at night from one place to the next. We are lucky to be both working from home most days as a result of COVID, it has made managing Dahlia easier during the build.  Only 10 weeks to go!

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