Day 02: The Met and Virgil

We catch a subway up to the MET.  It’s hot and the subway give us a little bit of relief from the heat.

The history laid out before us is astonishing. Artefacts dating back four and five thousand years are on display.  The only thing more numerous than the exhibits is the crowd.  I photo Mardi on the front steps of the museum with the crowd in the background.  There are literally hundreds of people sitting or standing on the steps behind her.

It’s hot again and the sun is beating down and we are thankful for the few hours spent inside the museum. We marvel at the antiquities as we wander the vast halls. So much history, so many pieces, all under one roof.

We enjoy afternoon tea at the MET Café after taking in the Roman and Egyptian exhibits, staying inside away from the heat.

After a long day at the MET we head home for a rest.

For dinner, we pop across the road and have some good old American BBQ, Virgil’s. We enjoy a couple of Margaritas and some beautifully cooked BBQ. We sit and enjoy the 1980s Rock and Roll playing as we finish our drinks and enjoy another round.

We head home, calling it a night after another busy day.

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