Day 08: Transiting to Brooklyn

We head out to Brooklyn today. We still haven’t had much sun. Today the clouds hang low and heavy just above us and the city is shrouded in a mist. Nonetheless, we head out. We wander around DUMBO and explore the space between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. We get a great view of Manhattan from our vantage point, although the tall buildings are shrouded in mist. We walk up and down the promenade and enjoy the balmy weather, albeit threatening to pour down at any point. We avoid any rain as we move further into Brooklyn, exploring the streets on route to our next destination.

We visit the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. A fascinating journey tracing the development of the subway and mass transit system in New York. We explore old carriage, signage, signalling methods, tracks and an assortment of other ephemera. It’s an interesting few hours.

We emerge on dark and look for a subway.

We head back to Manhattan and grab dinner at The Press Lounge. We enjoy a nice selection of dishes, following by a delicious berry inspired dessert.

We wander home, the mist is still hanging around and the glow of the tall buildings cast an eerie glow over our heads.

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