Favourite travel photos, one for each trip

The photos below are not necessarily the best or most interesting photo I took while visiting another country. They are more here as a story that epitomises the trip, or are a particular strong memory for me and tell a story.

Image shows green water in foreground, surrounfed by decorative walkways and columns.

The Roman Baths in Bath, England. This photo captures both the serenity with the calm green water, as well as the history and is a window into the life of a Roman some 2,200 years ago.

Image shows the name Nelson Mandela on a prison cell wall

Nelson Mandela’s cell, Robben Island. Standing in his shoes, if only for a minute, sent shivers down my spine and I imagined his life and his achievements after such a long time incarcerated. No matter what life throws at you, you can always do great things.

Image shows the decorative gates to Buckingham Palace. In the foreground are a number of bunches of flowers.

Buckingham Palace, the day after Princes Diana died. Never before have I seen a city, a world, so sad. She touched us all.

Image of five delegates, I'm fourth from the left, with Peter Donovan, Australia, on my left.

Blind Cricket Conference. I was humbled to be selected as am Australian delegate to establish The World Blind Cricket Council.

Stonehenge. I’ve always been intrigued by time and history. Stonehenge was an awe inspiring visit. See my blog on time here.

A picture of a cricket field, with me and Nejat in the foreground leaving the field. A lone Sri Lankan cricketer is in the background. The field is heavy with smog.

Abi and me. My best mate, Nejat, walks with me after scoring a hundred in a World Cup. This photo shows how exhausted I am, with Nejat helping me after i batted n sweltering conditions for a couple of hours.

Image shows me with a fake Great White Shark hanging with his jaw agape.

Jaws and me. Ever since my parents took me to see Jaws in 1975 I’ve loved sharks. This was taken in Florida at the Jaws ride at Universal Studios

Image taken from a distance of me, standing on the centre of the stage at Red Rocks. The stage is covered in snow.

Red Rocks and me. Visiting Colorado was a antastic opporunity and standing where Bono, and others, have stood looking up at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre was so much fun.

Jud Garland star. When in Hollywood I took this photo for my mum. She loved Judy Garland.

Donald Duck topiary. No visit to Disneyland is complete without checking out the gardens and this topiary Donald Duck was a stand out.

Image of me feeding a giraffe

Giraffe and me. Such a beautifully strange creature. I’ve always admired giraffes for their elegance and awkwardness.

image of Golden Gate bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge. With only about 18 hours in San Francisco, I hd to pack it in. From Alcatraz, the city, Fishermans’s wharf, it was a hectic day. But I did manage to snap this iconic shot of the Golden Gate.

Mardi in foreground in black dress and pink scarf stanging in front of tree.  Behinf her off at an angle are several other trees in line

Mardi and trees. We visited Hagley Park whilst in Christchurch. I love this image of Mardi, dwarfed by the big trees lined up behind her

Mardi and joy. Our first trip to NYC and we got upgraded to business class. I love this photo as it shows Mardi and her sheer joy in getting a business class seat overseas.

Image of gravestones aligned in neat rows in the foreground, stretching across the entire photo and into the distance.

Heartbreak forever. This image, from Arlington Cemetery, show the enormity of death at war and really moved me as we walked through the grounds. You can read the statistics, but nothing hits home like walking among thousands of gravestones.

Image of the Flatiron Building in NYC from above and a distance away.  The flatiron thin edge faces forward and two streets fan out.  Other buildings fill the frame.behind it.

Flatiron from up high. The majestic Flatiron building is pincerred between 5th Avenue and Broadway. We first fell in love with New York, and then during this visit fell n love with her architecture.

Image is of four people leaning against large ornate pillars.  They are shaded and the sun streams through the gaps of the pillars.

Four and Jefferson. Whilst in Washington DC I met up with some great folks as part of the animal welfare movement. This photo shows them and uses pillars and sun for effect.

In Love. Our third visit to NYC was in 2012 and Mardi and I purchased an eternity ring. This photo was taken shortly afterwards in front of the famous LOVE sign. It represents both our love for each other and our love of NYC.

image of me standing next to a sign that makes the year 2013 with numbers stacked on top o each other. The zero is a heart which says The Peak, I Love you

A Peek at the Peak. I lost a lot fo weight in 2013 and this shot shows me at my thinnest. It was hot and steamy at the top, as you can see, i’m pretty tired!

Losing my way. Here I am sitting in a restaurant in NYC about ten minutes after my retina detached. At this time I didn’t know what was going on with my eye, just soldiering on as I do.

Mardi and Michawl smiling dressed up to go out to dinner.

New beginnings. This image symbolises new beginnings. We both embarked on new careers in 2014 and our visit to NYC that year was refreshing, care free and something we had worked hard to achieve.

Michael standing in front of the Wright Flyer.

Taking Flight. Just as my career in aviation was taking off, we visited the air and space museum in DC. This is the Wright Flyer, the aircraft that made the first powered flight

About 20 ducks in the foreground on water, which is golden in colour, in the distance the the skyline of Manhattan is silhouetted by the sun which is setting.

Glowing Ducks. I love this image. I was walking at Central Park as the sun was setting in 2015. Ducks were enjoying their late afternoon swim as the sun was glowing a gorgeous orange silhouetting the skyline of Manhattan.

A lone fire hydrant sits in driving rain

Wet, wet, wet. This image shows how wet our visit to Hong Kong was. I snapped it while seeking cover

Image form internally above Grand Central.  Showing people going about their business on the ground. The vast windows at the far end cast a blue glow on the ground

Love the Terminal. We did a behind the scenes tour of Grand Central Terminal. This image shows the majesty of the grand concourse. The people, the colours and the cavenous space are all evident from this birds eye view.

Mardi and I in front of Mouth Fuji. The mountain is covered in snow near its peak.

Fuji. We were lucky enough to arrange a tour to station five at Moutn Fuji, and even luckier to get a great view of the famous snow capped mountain. I’m not one for selfies, but the size of the mountain behind made for a perfect shot that day.

Black and white image of the peace dome in Hiroshima. Trees bound the image which shows the damaged dome and structures.

Harrowing Hiroshima. Ever since I was in high school I’ve been wanting to visit Hiroshima. I studied WWII as a major research exercise in year 12 and have always wanted to understand more about world conflicts. This image in black and white is quite haunting and demonstrates the destruction of the bomb.

image of brick pavers with leaves betwen the crevices. They are laid in a criss cross pattern., three bricks in each section.

Textures of Stone. As a vision impaired person textures and tactility are important to me,. I snapped this photo of the pavement outside Central Park. I love the texture, the crevices, the leaves and the uneven yet even patterns of the pavers.

image of a lake bounded by mountainous terrain. There is a village in the foreground at the base of the mountains and shore of the lake.

Lake Wakatipu. Queenstown is just awe inspiring and this image shows the majesty of the lake which the community is built around. I love the blue sky and cloud cover patterns.

picture of golden temple, reflecting in water

Golden Glow. The Golden Palace, or Kinkakuji,  is a Zen temple in northern Kyoto whose top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf. It was stunning to see it, especially with the glassy water and mirror image reflection.

Class of 2019. This is the 176 students who were in my class at Harvard. A great bunch and an important time in my life

Image of Manhattan bridge between two buildings. In the distance the Empire Sate building stands under the arch of the bridge.

Empire bridge. Since 2010 I have been trying to get this perfect, iconic shot. In 2019, everything lined up, the time, the clear sky, the lighting. I love the way the Empire State shines in the distant sun.