Disability Support, Advocacy and Inspiration

Linke Business Services knows about disability support. Michael Linke has been disabled since birth. Michael was born with severe vision loss. He had no sight in his right eye and only limited vision in his left. At an early age Michael's parents were told Michael would not be able to achieve much in life. As a tenacious youngster Michael took this advice with a grain of salt and set about making a name for himself.

Michael first worked for his father as a labourer, this experience taught Michael the value of hard work and respect. It also showed that even though he had signifiant vision loss, there was plenty Michael could do.

Michael discovered a love for numbers, statistics and technology at an early age. In fact the famous South Sydney footballer, John Sattler made a mechanical switching board for Michael, when Michael was just six years old. Michael loved playing with the levers and pullies to solve problems.

This early exposure is behind both Michael's love of the South Sydney Rabbitohs and finance, accounting and statistical analysis. Linke Business Services today offers a range of analytical options for your business.

Michael was first fully employed by the Australian Taxation Office, where he spent 15 years, during which time he secured a degree in Taxation Law and financial accounting qualifications. He was a strong advocate for disability support to ATO employees and was active in ensuring technological development for other vision impaired staff.

When Michael left the ATO he moved directly into the disability sector where he worked for Vision Australia (formally Royal Blind Society) as an Area Manager responsibility for service delivery. Michael is passionate about service delivery and believes everyone should have fully unfettered access to the services they require to allow them to be the best they can be.

Michael progressed from Vision Australia to RSPCA, where he developed far reaching senior leadership and advocacy skills. At RSPCA Michael coupled his financial acumen with his passion for equity and diversity and ensured RSPCA was shaped so that he could meet its service delivery imperatives.

During a busy working career Michael has also overseen the development of the World Blind Cricket Council and a number of sporting charities assisting people enjoy sport irrespective of their ability.

With links to business, government, the sporting sector and the disability sector, Michael stands ready to assist employees and employers alike develop innovative strategies to ensure equity in our society. Often the barrier to employing people with a disability is a fear of the unknown. Michael can dispel the myths, talk to and engage staff, share real world examples, but most of all demonstrate how disability won't hold you back.