LBS loves events, LBS loves fundraising. We are passionate about the not for profit sector. With inspirational leadership we can make your next event sing. With dedicated and innovative thinking we can make your next fundraiser bigger than ever.

15 years in the sector has taught LBS all the tricks. We know fundraising and we can navigate the complex world of event planning in a risk averse climate.

Thirty years of commercial experience, tertiary education and knowledge of Canberra means that LBS is your perfect media partner.

Additionally we can assist with workforce planning, launching a new product, motivating your team, preparing for a presentation to government or your board or writing your annual report.

With more than 15 years experience working with the ACT government, LBS gives you integrity. Whether it is lobbying to facilitate change, seeking financial support for a social program, disability support or getting noticed, LBS knows government.

We can assist with drafting submissions, securing meetings with Ministers and MLAs and developing a strategic framework for reform.

Fundraising related
Conceptualising fund raising campaigns including design, drafting, photography and strategy

Event management
Logistics and risk management
Planning, designing, promoting your next event

Social Media
Monitoring and posting to your social media feeds

Media related
Drafting passionate media releases about your business, charity or not for profit
Arranging media events

Staff related
Mentoring your staff members to reach for the stars
Facilitating team meetings
Motivational speaking at special events
Disability advocacy

Government related
Talking to government on your behalf
Meeting with Ministers, MLAs and senior staff

Writing Related
Drafting, proof reading and editing of business plans, annual reports, submissions, grant applications and other corporate documents

Data analysis of campaigns, fund raising, business outcomes, KPIs and performance