Career Transition

With more than 30 years experience in government, private and the not for profit sector, LBS knows how to transition into a new career, especially during difficult times.

Coupling our expert strategic management and planning skills we can assist you with:

  • Change management coordination
  • Career planning
  • Resume preparation
  • Interview techniques
  • Presentation skills

LBS can offer these services to individuals or as in house sessions to groups of employees or a corporate wide solution to government departments and agencies facing downsizing, restructuring or the need for workforce planning, change management and employee transition.


The permanent nature of an employee termination or redundancy can leaves the person angry and it can lead to confusion as to how to react and in a quandary regarding what happens next.

This is where LBS can help. Outplacement and transition counseling, which helps displaced employees manage the transition from one job to another. There is a great deal of variability in the services offered via outplacement programs, typically including career counseling, job search support, résumé critiques, job interviewing training, and provision of networking opportunities.

Outplacement and transition counseling at LBS is aimed at helping people realise that losing a job is not the end of the world and that other opportunities exist. Indeed, for many people, losing a job can be a critical learning experience that plants the seed for future success.

For example, when John Morgridge was fired from his job as branch manager at Honeywell, it made him realise that his own assertiveness and need for independence were never going to cut it in a large, bureaucratic institution like Honeywell. Morgridge took his skills and went on to build computer network maker Cisco Systems, which is now worth more than $1 billion. This is a success story for Morgridge, but the fact that a major corporation like Honeywell let his talent go certainly reflects a lost opportunity for the company. Retaining people who can make such contributions is a key to gaining and maintaining competitive advantage.