Session 1: Finding you

In session one we explore your journey.

Crucibles, define, discuss, consider

Exercise: write three defining moments down and discuss next time

Session 2: Losing your way, finding yourself

We explore you career, successes, complications

Discuss: imposter, rationaliser, glory seeker, loner, shooting star

Three things you will always do

Three things you’ll never do

Homework: What makes a leader?

Session 3: The mirror

We explore self awareness

We examine self regulation

We look at your motivations

And we learn more about empathy and social skills

Session 4: Who am i?

What makes you curious?

Why are you where you are?

Values and skills exercise

Session 5:  Support

Who has your back?

Who doesn’t have your back

Support reflection exercise

Session 6: Integrated life

Tying it all together and creating your personal statement

Program Timing and Investment

The six sessions are run over six weeks with a one hour to ninety minute session each week. They can be done over Zoom or face to face. Additionally you will be asked to do some personal reflection, reading and research.

Investment: $1950 + travel for face to face (from Canberra).

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