With 30+ years of leadership experience, coupled with formal study I can help you unlock the wonder of your leadership journey as your mentor.

My view of the world is different. Unique. Legally blind since birth, my lived experience has unlocked for me a wealth of alternate perspectives and resilience. I’ve walked the tough road and can help you find your way.

Authentic, real, diversified and insightful – let me kick start your career or take you to the next level.

Unlocking who you are as a leader is how I can help you. Using a unique six step mentoring process I allow you to see you through your eyes, in a way placing a mirror on you as we explore your true leadership style. From delving into your earliest leadership experiences, through to your support network, values and skills, I will have you unlocking the wonder of your leadership in no time.

See what I can do for you to create your success story.

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