With 30+ years in leadership roles I have developed and honed an extensive set of executive leadership qualities. I have an empathetic style and passion for social inclusion, which I have combined with my leadership qualities, developed across a range of industries: Taxation, finance, governance, aviation, animal welfare, health and IT.

As an authentic leader, with my experience augmented with formal training through Harvard Business School, The Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and the Australian Institute of Business (MBA), I am the perfect well rounded coach.

Success as a leader is about creating the environment to allow others to live an authentic and adaptive leadership life. My unique perspective, lived experience, diverse and eclectic career and formal qualifications are perfectly blended for any executive looking to got to the next level

Given my unique experiences I have been able to use my different abilities and skills to inspire those around me to firstly exercise and secondly embrace a head and heart philosophy. By taking a balanced approach people begin to realise the power of working together and tapping into all their colleagues and from that, positive outcomes ensue. This approach creates a circle of empathy, empowerment and improvement.

As a leader I influence outcomes, and the best way to influence outcomes is to create an environment where people are valued, empowered and motivated. This is achieved by embracing the vision and underpinning everything you do with the why that sits behind the vision.

People are your most valuable asset and invariably the reason for success. Understanding, empathy, being flexible and having a willingness to stand side by side with people are all traits I use as a leader. This attitude helps create a sense of purpose and belonging, which aids in driving results.

Career Highlights

  • 15 years as a CEO
  • 7 years as a senior executive level leader
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD)
  • Masters achieved at the Australian Institute of Business (MBA)
  • Harvard Business School Alumni 2019 (Authentic Leadership)
  • World champion ten pin bowler (2005)
  • Captain and Vice Captain, various state and national cricket teams and tours (1980 – 2002)

Let me help you on your journey.