As I See it

Being vision impaired allows me to see the world a little differently. This blog and associated galleries are my view on the world. Yes, there are typos and out of focus photos, remember, it’s the world the way I see it.

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The image above is of the outback in north east South Australia. It was taken as I was driving with a friend from Adelaide to Loxton. It shows the vastness of Australia and to me symbolises my life journey. While I look back with my blog, I also look forward to future trips, future excitement and the unknown.

Mostly, my blog describes my trip, attached photos show the visual imagery associated with the blog. Vision impaired visitors get the full story from the blog post without the need for image description.

See some of my favourites images here:

Image of Michael in New York, skyline of Manhattan in background.
Me in NYC from the Brooklyn Bridge with the skyline of Manhattan in the background. 2014

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