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Five things to avoid when flying long haul.

Hey everyone! Do you dread long-haul flying as much as we do? Living in Australia, we’ve had to endure our fair share of marathon flights. Trust me, traveling often means lots of long-haul flights. But over the years, we’ve picked up some crucial tips. Today, I’m going to share with you five things you should

Five ways to make long haul flying more comfortable.

Are you dreading your long-haul flight? Let’s face it, those endless hours in the air can be a real challenge. But fear not, because I’ve got five essential tips to help you say goodbye to discomfort on long flights, so you’ll feel first class! Stick around till the end because tip number five is an

Nine amazing hotel room hacks

Do you find it hard to settle into a hotel room, even though you love to travel? I’ve stayed in many hotels over the years, and I have some tips and tricks to make you feel more at home. Even if you are one of those people that lives out of a suitcase, I think

Selfie from my room, with Cairns in background

As I see it…Catching Covid

The Chronicles of Cairns… As a regular traveller for Vision Australia Thursday night in early June 2022 before I travel to Cairns was like any other night. I pack. I review my itinerary. I check in with my wife to see that she has everything she needswhilst I’m away for two nights. Then as always, the last thing I do before I go to bed is a Covid RAT. As with the 30 or

As I see it…it is more than a game

It’s 1975, a week before Grand Final day in Sydney, my father tries to convert me. He is an avid Roosters supporter: they’ve overcome Manly and are playing St George in the Grand Final. One of my earliest football memories. He buys me a Rooster’s jersey. I’m ten. Dad, Mum, two of my brothers are

sunrise over Canberra

As I see it…300 days between flights.

As a frequent traveller pre-COVID, I enjoyed (endured) 300 days between my last flight pre-COVID and my return to flight as Australia came to grips with a COVID normal state. My first flight was Canberra to Melbourne. Canberra had pretty much avoided the dramas, while Melbourne had finally negotiated a harrowing winter and extreme lockdowns.

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