Selfie from my room, with Cairns in background

As I see it…Catching Covid

The Chronicles of Cairns… As a regular traveller for Vision Australia Thursday night in early June 2022 before I travel to Cairns was like any other night. I pack. I review my itinerary. I check in with my wife to see that she has everything she needswhilst I’m away for two nights. Then as always, the last thing I do before I go to bed is a Covid RAT. As with the 30 or

As I see it…it is more than a game

It’s 1975, a week before Grand Final day in Sydney, my father tries to convert me. He is an avid Roosters supporter: they’ve overcome Manly and are playing St George in the Grand Final. One of my earliest football memories. He buys me a Rooster’s jersey. I’m ten. Dad, Mum, two of my brothers are

sunrise over Canberra

As I see it…300 days between flights.

As a frequent traveller pre-COVID, I enjoyed (endured) 300 days between my last flight pre-COVID and my return to flight as Australia came to grips with a COVID normal state. My first flight was Canberra to Melbourne. Canberra had pretty much avoided the dramas, while Melbourne had finally negotiated a harrowing winter and extreme lockdowns.