Day 22: Brooklyn, then Bruce, the Roger

Brooklyn took our focus today, specifically the botanic gardens and the Brooklyn museum.

We caught the subway to the gardens first and wandered around. It is a beautiful setting which contrasts with the straight lines and order of Central Park. The gardens ramble their way across Brooklyn on multiple levels. We happen upon a Japanese Garden with Tori Gates, see turtles sunning themselves, ducks wandering around and of course a number of squirrels. It’s a pleasant walk and you feel you have left the city and are visiting a quiet English, Japanese or European garden.

After wandering for a couple of hours, we head on over to the museum. Before enjoying the exhibits, we have lunch. The restaurant at the museum is quite “up market” for a café you’d ordinarily find in a museum. Line table clothes, fine china and flatware. We enjoy beautiful fish and vegetables and a steak.

We then tour the museum: our focus on an Egyptian exhibit centring on cats and how the Egyptians loved their feline companions. It’s an interesting exhibit and we learn lots about cats and how important they were over 2,000 years ago.

We head back to Manhattan and have a quick stop at our hotel for a while before heading out again to a concert/comedy show. 

I was so luck to secure tickets to a special event, Stand up for Heroes. An event dedicated to helping returned service men and women. All I know about the event is that Bruce Springsteen and Roger Waters will be there, which inspired me to buy tickets.

Well, were we treated. Firstly, the comedy show features Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby. Their routines are riotous and had us in stiches from the get go. Then Roger Waters appears on stage and does a short set. He starts with the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah. Then e Lennon classic, Imagine. Followed by A Change is Coming (Sam Cooke) and finishes with Pink Floy’s Comfortably Numb. Springsteen then comes out.  He performs: Dancing in the Dark, If I Should Fall Behind and Dream Baby Dream. Wow, what a show.

Springsteen the auctions his guitar, which goes for over a million dollars.

See the set list here:

We leave the theatre having witnessed one of the great events we’ve ever seen in New York.

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