Day 20: Screwed up and still sick

Mardi has had another difficult night. We had planned to see Bob, so I venture out on my own.

Mardi goes back to sleep.

I walk to the subway. I feel quite down today. The last few days have been so horrible for Mardi and we go home tomorrow and it’s going to be hard for her to travel.

I catch the 3 subway downtown snd meet Bob at Aroma in Church St near the Woolworth building. It seems both our wives are in the wars. Cathy is having some health issues as well. Bob and I chat about the Guides Association of New York, Bob is a board member. We then walk around the TriBeCa area for a while. Bob shows me where his daughter Carrie went to school. He points out buildings and gives me an historic commentary of the area. Always fascinating. Some roads are newly laid and widened, while others remain cobbled, just like they were 120 years ago. We walk down Church, then Went Broadway and Hudson Streets. Bob leaves me at Canal St. He has a tour to run and I head home to see Mardi. We are going to the doctors to have Mardi checked out as we are flying home tomorrow.

I get back to our room with bad news from Qantas. They’ve cancelled our flight tomorrow. Hmmm, ok. I call Qantas and we start exploring options. Mardi is coughing up a lung in the background. Qantas give me a couple of options, they all get us to LAX, but there is no guarantee Qantas can get us on our original long haul to MELBOURNE.  There are heavy bookings transcontinental at this time of year and all options arrive too Kate to make our connection. Finally Qantas get an option, but it means a three day stay, two nights in LAX. We opt to stay in NYC and defer all of our flights. This option also buys Mardi three more days of recovery time.

After an age on the phone, we head out to the doctors.

We leave the hotel, letting them know we have to stay for another three nights. The team at the AKA are fantastic. They do say though, to get a room for us they’ll need a miracle. They are fully booked through to next year. We leave it with them for a while.

We leave them searching for a miracle. We head out to the medical clinic.

After some administration, Mardi sees a nurse and eventually a doctor. The medical drop in centre is very efficient, but expensive. $200 for the visit. Mardi is diagnosed with a serious sinus infection and prescribed some antibiotics and more rest. The flight delay has worked for us thankfully.  We visit the chemist pick up drugs and assorted cough syrup, tissues and supplies.

We grab a quick pizza for lunch from John’s.

When we get back to the hotel we need to sort out a room. Did they perform a miracle?  They sure did. Although we need to move rooms twice in the next three days. It’ll do, a warm bed is all we really want at this stage.  It’s been a harrowing day. Now to unpack or repack what we’ve already packed and sort out stuff for a three day two room stay in NYC.

It’s no secret we love NYC and three bonus days sounds fantastic. But in the circumstances it’s not. Mardi is beside herself, frustrated, tired, sore and hasn’t really done anything for a week. Plus we’ve got to sort out house fitting and work. Also as the flights home are heavily booked and we’ve just been added to them we aren’t seated together, while minor, isn’t ideal.

We spend the afternoon and evening sorting out our packing before we get some home delivery for dinner.

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