Day 11: Park and something morbid

We headed out reasonably early for a walk around Central Park. We hadn’t visited this trip yet, so we’re keen to see the change of season. Last time we visited the park was in full autumn colour, but this time, the cold of winter had set in and she was looking a little second hand. Most of the leaves had fallen and the bare branches of the trees made an interesting over head canopy with the skyscrapers in the background. 

We walked from 59th on the West side to 80th street in the East 

A meandering stroll taking in a wedding, some squirrels, kids playing football, frozen lakes, leaves of all colours, musicians, artists and giant bubble creators. 

We lunched at the Boat House. A busy restaurant in the middle of the park. Fish and chips for me and Mardi had eggs Benedict. Yum. 

After lunch we went to the MET, the metropolitan museum of art. We walked the various halls for a couple of hours, taking in King Henry’s massive field suit of armour, ancient Egyptian tombs and sarcophaguses. We also visited the Death Becomes Her display. An interesting collection of mourning attire worn mostly by woman in the 19th century. We watched the MET light their Christmas tree and viewed the Frank Lloyd Wright display of architecture. 

After the museum we caught the train home and had a night in. It was freezing cold and we had walked so much we were beat for the day.

I went for a walk through Times Square subway station, check out the video below.

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