Day 17: A day at the shops

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. A manic day of shopping for many, for us, we know to avoid midtown and so headed to the flatiron district. The shops are quieter and the architecture is the most picturesque in all of Manhattan. 

We arrive early and spend the morning walking the district along 5th and up and down 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd streets. 

The buildings are just gorgeous. The Flatiron itself is the highlight, but the stone frontages along 5th Avenue are something else. Ornate, different, each one designed to out do its neighbour. Grand old houses of yesteryear 

We finish our morning and head home for a break and then head further down town for some tea at Bosie. This little gem is off the tourist track so while busy, is quiet and gives us an opportunity to sit and enjoy afternoon tea. 

After a while we decide to walk around SoHo and check out the shops. It’s late afternoon and the crowds have turned out. The sidewalks are packed as shoppers hunt for that bargain. We pop into a couple of shops and look around and grab a couple of bargain items, most things are discounted by 50% so it’s hard to miss out. A t-shirt here, a scented candle there. Nothing much. 

The rain starts to fall slowly and we press on for a while, but eventually call it a day as the rain gets heavier and the umbrellas come out and we start to play that ever demanding game, don’t lose an eye on an umbrella spike, so we decide to call it a day. 

We arrive home after dark and settle in for the night with a light dinner at home.

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