Day 06: The village

Today we hit the streets.  Walking, shopping, and the façade of the building used in the TV series Friends! Mardi did a great job mapping some walks and some places to see, so we packed in as much as we could.

So we venture to Greenwich Village, or the village as locals call it: Bedford and Christopher is where you’ll find the building. We wander the beautifully maintained streets, line with old trees and adorned with brownstones.  Some of the buildings are just gorgeous.  The varying architectural styles are interesting and varied and it is a joy to walk up and down the streets. We visit Bleeker St and wander into SoHo to do some shopping.  Much of the shops are in converted older townhouses. Their window displays showing off the latest fashions to entice eager buyers inside. We wander in and out of shops, picking up knick-knacks here and there getting lost as we venture up one street and down another.

Banana Republic, the MoMa Gift Shop, Armani, Nike, Apple, Gap, Luxe Salon are all visited as we move from SoHo back up to Midtown. We also visit Bloomingdales.  Its our only real day “shopping”.  The shops give us relief from the heat and offer a variety of goods we don’t see in sleepy little Canberra.

We enjoy Five Napkin Burgers for dinner before calling it a day, a long day of walking, shopping and seeing parts of New York we haven’t seen before.

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