Day 10: Washington Square Park

At last the cloud cover has lifted. We are greeted with a glorious sunny day. I first head to Times Square and wander around. I take some photos trying to capture the essence of the place they call the crossroads of the universe. It’s always busy, always something going on and is always bright.

We then visit SoHo; the Apple Store is one place we pop into. Its located inside an old fire station and has been renamed Station A. We visit a few of the designer shops, not buying, just looking thanks. As we wind our way around this chic shopping district.

We visit Washington Square Park and see Washington Arch, a mini Arc de Triumph. We wander to 23rd St and visit the Flatiron district as well. The gorgeous architecture in this part of Manhattan is stunning and offers several examples of stand-out building design, the Flatiron Building is one such example.

We enjoy lunch at the Grey Dog, a little burger joint on 23rd.

We continue wandering after lunch. Lunch generally for us is around 3.00pm. You live on a different time scale while on holidays, especially in a city that never sleeps. Some nights we don’t have dinner until well after 9.00pm as we enjoy walking around and losing track of time.

We let the day wind down as we walk around, our favourite part of visiting, just wandering, doing nothing, but forever discovering new, interested, eclectic, weird, funny part of this city. As an example, there is a burial ground underneath Washington Square Park. No headstones, no marked graves, just historic writings about this part of town being an ancient burial ground.

After a day of walking we head home and take it easy. That night we book tickets to the Met to explore the art museum the next day.

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