Day 02: A movie museum

Another fine day greets us as we wader through Times Square on route to Brooklyn. Today we are heading to the Museum of the Moving Image. We catch the E train to Steinway St Station, near Astoria in Brooklyn. Its around a 20 minute subway ride.

When we arrive we walk the ten minutes to the museum. Before entering the museum proper we have some fun in the courtyard and atrium. They are both starkly white, we suspect to symbolise the blank canvas of movie making. So we use the blank canvas to compose a few interesting photos of ourselves.

I photo Mardi in a large white room with nothing else around here. She looks small and lonely in this space. She photos me on a staircase. I look ominous as she photos from the base up to me above her. I play with different exposures and take a wide angle shot of Mardi in two locations at the same time in a single long exposure.

After we’ve had you fun, we enter the museum proper. It’s a veritable playground of everything you’ve seen at the movies or on TV. Images of actors, Judy Garland is photographed for my mum, pieces from sets such as Star Trek, Breaking Bad and the Muppets. A feature on Johnny Depp is very interesting as are Shirly Temple dolls and the original set design mock up for the final sequence from The Silence of the Lams. Scripts, props and movie magic secrets are all on show as we wander around for three or so hours.

We wander around Brooklyn for a while taking in the different architecture, noting the different feel compared to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan

Afterwards we walk to a Five Napkin Burger joint not too far away and enjoy a great burger and sit and enjoy a break. We head back to Manhattan and wander around Times Square for a while. Mardi pops into Sephora or a look around and I take some photos. We then head home and call it a night.

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