Day 16: Apple of my eye

We are scheduled to see Dr Nissen again today. Its been a week since my retina detached. Today we will see how it is holding.

I’ve noticed a definite degradation of my eyesight. This is as a result of a retina with more scar tissue that prior to the accident, coupled with my eye being full of oil, which effects the light entering my eye and how the eye reacts to light. However compared to when my retina was detached, my eyesight is fantastic!

We make the trek uptown, to 3rd and 75th and enter the now familiar practice of Dr Nissen. The staff as usual are friendly and caring and give us good news about our insurance. The entire procedure is being covered and we won’t be ot of pocket one cent. Wow, that is just fantastic. It certainly pays to get travel insurance!

After a short wait and some preliminary tests, Dr Nissen sees me. He prods and pokes in his usual manner. He’s not gentle. He’s effective and needs to do what he needs to do to get a look inside my eye. He takes an age looking at my left eye, assessing his handiwork of a week ago.

He sits back.

“Michael, things are looking very good. The surgery was a success, the retina is healing nicely and over time your eyesight will improve slightly. You’ll still have more deficit that before, but things are looking up from here. Keep looking down for another four or five days and see me in a week. We need to plan some care in Australia, so its time to find a surgeon there.”

OK, so things are on the mend. This is great news.

After the visit we head over to the west side to the Apple Store. Mardi needs a new iPad, so we visit there to get one.

The rain is still coming down, but we are in New York so are happy to walk around. We look around the shops for a bit. Halloween is all around us and some people have gone all ot with their displays. We then move into Central Park and walk across from the west side to the east side. We pass the finish line for the New York Marathon, which will run in a few days time. The park looks gorgeous in the rain, leave litter the pathways and everything has a lush smell, look and feel to it.

We end up at 59th Street, across the road from the Apple store! Two Apple stores in the space of a couple of hours. Both as busy as each other!

We decide to call it a day and head home.

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