Day 27: Brooklyn to Tiffany

As low cloud rolled in, we rolled out on the subway to Brooklyn. We haven’t spent a lot of time in Brooklyn, so wanted to have a good look around.

Upon arrival, we just let our noses take us as we walk. We spend some time on the banks of the East River, taking photos. I try and recreate some historic photos and Mardi takes some photos of me. We have a play with long exposures capturing the two bridges and Mardi in both. They turned out ok.

We then walk deeper into Brooklyn and explore the tiny streets, admiring the buildings. We spend hours just wandering and before we know it the sun is setting. We are a bit cheeky and use the darkening sky to allow us to see into some houses and peer into people’s loungerooms through windows. It’s a bit voyeuristic, but fun none the less. We hurry off after having a bit of a sticky beak at a few houses and catch the subway back into Manhattan.

That night we visit Tiffany and Mardi has her ring cleaned that we bought last year. We also make another purchase and I get Mardi a beautiful wallet. Tiffany blue on the outside and hot pink on the inside.

Afterwards we walk the streets and I photo some of the night lights. The Empire State Building is lit blue and red tonight. Wow.

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