Day 26: The Boathouse

As our trip is coming to an end soon, we revisit some of the things we love.

Grand Central takes our focus this morning. This magnificent piece of architecture never ceases to amaze. We walk the main concourse floor and descend into the shopping area below. We stop at the whispering wall and try it out. This is an area where you stand opposite each other and whisper into a corner and the design of the area, arched ceiling, carries your whisper like magic 20 metres to the other side. It’s pretty cool. 

Central Park is next: we’ve made a booking for lunch at the Boathouse. The Boathouse has two restaurants on site at the park. They are adjacent to each other just past Bethesda Fountain. There is the quick and dirty, but delicious burgers and chips from a hole in the wall where you sit outside. And there is the fine dining experience, inside with a gorgeous balcony overlooking the lake. We’ve booked the fine dining experience today.

We enjoy a beautiful meal in delightful surroundings. The bread is fresh, warm and crusty. The sparkling water is icy cold and with lots of sparkle. Mardi enjoys a beef dish with vegetables and I enjoy a trio of sliders: beef, fish and lamb. We finish with desert: Pannacotta and chocolate volcano cake.

After lunch, our walk through the park continues as we let the afternoon slide by. We stop and sit and listen to a solo saxophonist play away his troubles as people put money in his case. His tunes are upbeat, up lifting and as we sit in the sun I walk over and put some money in his case as well. He nods at me and I return the nod as we sit and listen for a little longer.

After a while, we stand and slowly walk away and continue our journey through the park. When we finished we walk home down 5th Avenue having a last look at a number of shops on the way.

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