Day 30: Back to reality

I use our free morning to visit the Top of the Rock. Mardi drops me off. I’m still lacking confidence in getting around and Mardi’s help has been invaluable.

I spend a couple of hours sitting, listening, watching, thinking and taking photos. This has been a difficult trip for a number of reasons, yet it has also been an enlightening trip for a whole heap more reasons.

The drama of RSPCA, my eye and follow up surgery made each day very difficult and a challenge. I felt more than once that I was stealing Mardi’s holiday from her. In some way id let her down. I’d left my job, now I was more blind than I had ever been. But at every corner, Mardi was there. Supportive, strong and armed with solutions.

One the upside this trip has been long and has really allowed us to get to know New York. We fell in love with this city in 2010 and circumstances since then have meant we have been able to revisit. We just keep discovering more and more that we love. We discovered Bosie, a wonderful tea parlour: Bob, who has gone from tour guide to friend. The AKA where we stay are just wonderful. They looked after us so well following my eye injury, we will always stay here. Each day brings a new adventure, a new discovery, a new experience. I think for the time being we will try and get back again and again.

I finally stand up and take a deep breath, I wave good-bye to this mosaic of a city and head back down the lift and back to our apartment.

I join Mardi, we collect our bags and our ever reliable Julio waves a cab for us and within minutes we are on our way to JFK.

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