Day 00: Away we go

We planned our fifth trip to NYC in February this year. Last year’s trip was a mixed bag, but as always we had a great time. I suffered a major eye injury, detached retina in 2013 so i was keen to revisit and get a full month in the Big Apple. This year’s trip has come around so fast. We both are in new jobs and loving our new roles and can’t believe we are sitting in the Qantas First Lounge waiting to board QF93 to LAX and then onto NYC. It’s come around so quickly. 

The inbound flight was diverted to Sydney due to air traffic.

So an extra two hours or so in the lounge. You can’t complain. More food. More champagne. Yum. We will be on our way soon.

Just sitting here watching the air and people traffic.

And there she is, the big A380 is slowly pulling up to the gate. We will be on our way soon.

We departed Melbourne about three hours late. So we enjoyed breakfast at lunch in the first lounge. And a massage. And a champagne or six. 

The flight was the usual perfect experience on QF93 

description. interestingly we were sat in 5k and 4k. But in 3k was a gentleman who shared our name. Geoff Linke was off to Mexico and heralded from the Barossa Valley in South Australia as most Linke’s do.

We arrived into LAX late, missed our connection to NYC, so enjoyed four hours in the Admiral’s Lounge. The new terminal at LAX is massive and the immigration and customs processing is high tech and easy.

We were both a little tired, but still pumped on adrenaline, so enjoyed the time n the lounge. In was the middle of the day in LA, so we watched the crowd and tarmac, and awaited to board our flight to NYC  

Off to NYC now, we’ve just been called. See you in NYC.

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