Day 03: Time for home, but first

We are due to fly home later tonight and arrange late checkout. We start packing and then head off for our last breakfast. Delicious as usual. After breakfast we wander into Tsim Sha Tsui and the frenetic backstreets. Bamboo scaffolds, the strong aroma of locally cooked food, the din of the traffic and hustle hustle of the packed streets. 

We wander winding through the tiny allies, passing hole in the wall sized shops that give way to designer brands, which give way again to old Hong Kong. The contrast is stark and immediate with each advancing block. 

Mardi ventures into the usual array of cosmetic shops, while I avoid the street suit and watch sellers. We buy some gifts, but mostly just walk around taking in the city. The heat gets us, we’ll the humidity, and we head back to the hotel. 

We finish packing and Stephen calls and we make plans to catch up for lunch at Kowloon, before we head out to the airport. 

We catch the bus from the hotel to Kowloon, check our bags and venture off to elements. The shopping centre above the station. We see Stephen and walk around. Stephen again plays dining host as we enjoy some wonton soup, but decline the deep fried frog. Beef yes, goose web, no. 

We chat over lunch. Cars, technology, TNR, shopping, travel. 

After lunch we wander the shops again before parting ways as we board the train for the airport. 

We spend a couple of hours in the new qantas lounge at the airport before boarding the 747 for home. 

A quick trip, more to get away for a few days than anything.\

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