Day 13: A beastie day

As the clouds cleared over Manhattan, the cold stayed. The beautiful autumn weather of our first two weeks has quickly slipped into a winters cold. 

We had a fairly light day planned, Pilates, a walk, a walk along Fifth avenue to stock take for Black Friday and take in some early sales, a restocking of supplies in our room, a movie at the new iPic Theatre and some general walking around.

Mardi headed out to her Pilates class, i did a gym session and a walk along Sixth and seventh Avenues.  

When we caught up we started down Fifth and started the game hot time, cold time. Hot in the shops so you take off your scarf, gloves, hat and jacket and walk around having a look and trying on some nice things. In some cases some pretty things. From the $5000 suits in Ted Baker and Zegna to the $69 suits in Uniglo. I picked up a couple of 50% off shirts at Armani Exchange. The Christmas windows are starting to come to life so we planned a visit when they were all open. At this stage only Lord and Taylor have revealed theirs. There are a few to come, Saks, Barney’s, Macy’s. Lots to look forward to after Thanksgiving as NYC moves into Christmas mode. A fantastic time of year to visit.

We stopped in for a hot chocolate at Gregory’s and rested our feet for a while before heading to Grand Central and the market place for bread, granola and some cheese.

We caught the shuttle home after getting our supplies and took it easy for an hour before heading down to the South Street Sea Port area for the movie.

We arrived in plenty of time and wandered around before going to the cinema. Its a massive place with a number of theatres that has risen to prominence recently with its lounge seating and premium services.

We both what we thought were the premium service, think gold class in Canberra, Only to be disappointed that the seats didn’t offer in cinema dining and that if we wanted food we needed to order it, they would give us a buzzer and we could go out during the movie and pick up our food. WTF. We sat and checked the status of our tickets online and yep, despite picking premium tickets we dint pick the experience, an extra fee, so we thought, oh well, dinner afterwards. 

We sat in the lounge, comfy at first, but after a while became a little uncomfortable. The screen and sound were great, as you’d expect in any new theatre today. 

The movie, Fantastic Beasts, was pretty cool. So much CGI these days you don’t know what is real and what isn’t. Nonetheless still very worthwhile seeing on a big screen. The creatures are so cool, and Mardi was very pleased none of them got hurt.  

After the movies we headed up to 20th street for dinner at a place called the Stand. An underground comedy place with an open mic, no we didn’t get up on stage. We just had dinner and a cocktail and sat and listened to the Monday night crowd whine about the election result and the weekend sports results.  

Mardi enjoyed Tacos and I had a burger. but for entree, or appetiser, we had cheeseburger dumplings. Yum. Everything you love about a good dumpling, but cheeseburger flavoured. Yum.  

After dinner we walked to 23rd street to catch the subway home and got home a little after midnight.

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