Day 31: Stats, and a quick run around

  • 452,256 steps in the Big Apple
  • 375 kms walked
  • 554 floors climbed, those Dann subway steps
  • 59 trips on the subway
  • 31 perfect nights at the always feels like home AKA
  • Too many burgers
  • 6 great trips to Bosie Tea Parlour
  • As Mardi packed I did some last minute running around.

Quick trip to Grand Central Station for some yummy granola, to the library to pick up a last gift, and then some quiet reflective time in time square.

New York City is truly an enigma. Contrasts of the wide avenues of fifth and sixth, Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue within mazes of the homeless, hawkers and forlorn masses. The glass Sky scrapers to the tiny tenements and brown stones. The serenity of Central Park to the madness of times square.

Each block you walk brings with it a different sounds, smell, sight. The million dollar watches on 47th avenue less than 30 feet from a war veteran begging for his next meal. 

Like a superb soup with ingredients too numerous to list, the flavor of NYC remains with you long after you leave. Rich, warming, spicy at times but never disappointing. Plus as you leave NYC leaves you wanting more. 

We will visit again to enjoy another serving of NYC. Once you start. You can’t stop. 

Above all else NYC is addictive.

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