Day 03: And you thought yesterday was cold!

We set out this morning to see Dr Connie Dong. Connive was a life saver, well sight saver, last time we visited. She diagnosed my detached retina and I was keen to visit her, both to thank her and let her check out my eye. All good today. Connie was very impressed with the health of my eye. We spent about two hours with her and Diane, the optical dispenser. Yes, I decided to get some new glasses to further help my sight. 

After we finished with Connie we had lunch at The Red Flame 

Quite yummy. Traditional burger and fries. We were starved as we hadn’t had breakfast. 

After lunch we went to David’s Tea, Bleecker Street in Chelsea. A fantastic tea shop where we got some really cool flavoured teas. Including Santas Secret, Egg Nog, Apple Custard and Bubbi’s Baclava. After tea we made it to Fifth Avenue. Mardi went to Sephora (visit 2, let’s keep count this time). I wandered Fifth Avenue and took some photos and almost got run over by a bike, bus and truck. 

We then headed home and rested for a while. 

Dinner was Mexican. Yum. Yum, I had a ribeye steak the size of Texas. With seven chilli rub. Yum. Mardi had a paella. We also enjoyed some yummy guacamole dips and a margarita or two. 

We did some grocery shopping, important stuff, M and Ms, fruit, water, chocolate, chocolate. 

We are off to Woodbury Common tomorrow for a day of shopping.

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