Day 15: Brooklyn and Dr Nissan

Time for a visit to the Doctor’s.

Wednesday morning we headed up town and visited Dr Nissen. Dr Nissen saw me last year and put my eye back together after a severe retinal detachment. It was great to catch up with him, but what was better was his review of my eye. Which was all good. He was very pleased with the healing, and chatted about future options for me as technology developed. At this stage I’m stuck with what I’ve got, which thanks to Dr Nissen is the best it can be. 

After the visit we caught the subway to the Brooklyn museum 

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We arrived and the rain was coming down again. 

The short walk to the museum had us there just in time for lunch. The restaurant at the museum has some great food, so we headed in for a yummy lunch. 

I had some black Bass and Mardi had some chicken. 

We then enjoyed a couple of the exhibits, the main one being killer heels. A dedicated exhibit to the history of the high heeled show. Some weird designs and interesting history, including a pair of Lady Gaga’s shoes. 

We headed back to the hotel after the museum. 

We’ve been on the go none stop for the last week so needed a break. The weather was pretty ordinary, so we got back to the hotel and hibernated for the afternoon. We watched a few episodes of family feud on the tele and Mardi cooked dinner. 

We are now half way through our trip and having a ball. We’ve seen so much again, but have heaps still to see and do. Our love affair with NYC continues.

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