Day 09: Nightlife

While I’m still on directions from the doctor to rest my eye we spent the first half of Thursday in our room. Our room is great, the AKA hotel is a perfect place for our long stays. We don’t really have a view, but we have plenty of space so don’t feel cooped up. As its our sixth stay we’ve gotten to know the staff quite well, many of them have been here from our first stay. Each morning I wander down stairs and chat to Julio, Caeser or Don about the day, the sights and sounds from 44th street. We share stories about NYC and Canberra and what we’ve been up to. They always have great ideas and thoughts about things to do. Invariably they also give me a package – something Mardi has ordered, usually cosmetics. 

After taking it easy I decided to go to the movies.

The doctor said watching a movie was fine, just sit and watch, no eye or head movement. So cool. I saw Steve Jobs. Mardi went for a walk and did some shopping. 

The movie was cool, I also used the audio description service, which provides vision impaired people with extra commentary about what’s happening during the movie. That was cool. 

After the movie we went out to dinner at Boutique. A lovely underground restaurant on 58th street. Dinner was yum. The atmosphere was quite noisy with a night club feel and the food was pretty good. 

After dinner we strolled slowly back to our hotel. The weather is just perfect, almost warm in the evening, nothing like last year where we were in hats, gloves and overcoats every night and day. This time it’s mostly been t shirts and a light jacket in the evening. We walked and took in the evening lights. The city takes on such a different feel at night.

The Christmas decorations are starting to appear and thanksgiving is looming large. Lights abound and the streets are full of people walking and looking around. The shops are open most nights to 10pm so there is always something to look at. We wandered into the Apple Store and played with the new iPad Pro. It’s big! Don’t know whether it will join me on our way home, it ain’t cheap either!  

As we walked we saw lots of lit up buildings, including the Empire State. Each night the Empire State Building is lit up with a different colour every night, so it’s cool to check out the colour each night. It was green this night. 

We eventually made it home and settled in for the night. Tomorrow is day five after my eye surgery, so we can get out a little more and I can start looking a little bit more at things.

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