I was born in Sydney. So when the announcement came in the 1990s that Sydney would be an Olympic City, I was thrilled. I love my sport. See “It’s more than a game“.

So, a little ironically, I left Sydney in 1998, essentially on the eve of the games. My job took me to Canberra and my career always came first. See “Hard work“.

But notwithstanding that, I made a trip back to soak up the atmosphere of the games. Mardi, my then new partner, now wife, and I had little money at the time. We’d started a small business, so attending events wasn’t an option, but we both wanted to experience the Olympic City.

So we did. We stayed with Mardi’s mum at Lilyfield. And for a few days ventured into the city and Homebush and took it all in. It was pretty cool. The city was alive, Sydney is pretty much alive all the time, but the Olympics was like a turbo charger had been added to the city. I love Sydney. It is my hometown and to visit during this event was fantastic.

We saw products athletes walking around with their medals around their necks, cheerful volunteers guiding tourists around and a city putting on its best to showcase itself to he rest of the world.

A great little visit to my hometown.

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